Desert, 2000 by Guus Hellegers, 77 x 107 mm, bronze

Cave Canem, 1958 by Margaretha Taal, 53 mm terracotta

Chiroptera, 1988 Barbara de Clercq, 78 mm, bronze

Medal of Honour Zaltbommel, 2001, Maria van Gerwen, max. 130 mm, bronze

My Family, Sjoukje Wiegersma, 1959, 67 mm, terracotta

Opening Bernardus, housing for the aged, 1973, by Eric Claus, 78 mm bronze
Images: Numisbooks, Vriezenveen, The Netherlands

Medal of Honour Foundation of Mental Health, 2007 by Marianne Letterie, 95 mm, bronze

Not from a Dutch designer, but shown here just for its beauty: 25th Anniversary General Motors, 1933. Design: Norman Bel Geddes (1893-1958) American sculptor/designer. Sculptured by René Chambellan, 77 mm, silver plated. Under: details

Images: Delta 98, The Hague, The Netherlands
Photographs: Willem Botterweg

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