Door to the Unknown, 2006 by Siemen Bolhuis, 80 mm, bronze

Bevrijding 1945, 1960 by Fred Carasso 1899-1969, 70 mm, bronze
Image: Delta 98, The Hague, The Netherlands

25 years Rijks Munt (Dutch State Mint), 1927 by Chris van der Hoef (1875-1933), 110 mm, bronze.
Images: Mevius Numisbooks, Vriezenveen, The Netherlands


Hercules, Raymond Joly, 68 mm, struck bronze (French medal)

Tulip with on the reverse the pattern of the Amsterdam Canals in the 17th century (Golden Age), Johanna Ebertz, born 1941 Wetzlar, Germany, 80 x 70 mm, gilded bronze, issued 1988 Monnaie de Paris
Images: Delta 98, The Hague, The Netherlands

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