Pi-medal, art medal in honour of the International Pi-Day, March 14th
2010 by Cil van Ingen Schenau, 76 mm, bronze

Doggy Service, 2010 by Barbara de Clercq, 100 mm, bronze

Art Medal: Establishing of VOC in 1602, a Dutch Trading Company with the Far East, 2002 by Thomas Senders, approx. 70 mm, bronze

Portrait art medal to memorate Sir Philip Sidney, 1986 Christien Nijland, 60 mm, bronze

Eysbouts Bell Foundry 125 years, 1997 by Pier van Leest, 82 mm, bronze

‘De Onafhankelijken’ 85 years, 1997 art medal by Jet Schepp
60 mm, bronze.  The medal can stand up by itself.

Het Paard in de Paardenburg (name of an art exhibition, subject: horses) 1963, two artists: obverse by Christien Nijland, reverse (text) by Eric Claus, 70 mm, bronze

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